Jayden Rose

Jayden Rose used to be attracted to obese Mideastern restauranteurs with curly hair, olive oil and a smile. Now it's black men with their telescope dicks, working in pairs. Just the thought of such a nasty duo brings a blast of hot blood swelling Jayden's lips and throat, and she begins her ballet of pursuit. It usually begins with a bump & grind come on plus the genial words, "Hey, sailor." And they don't even have to be in the navy. Jayden's fuck-me-black-man looks generally help, too. Her philosophy? In a coal bin all cocks look alike. Words of wisdom we can all live by.

Emma Heart

Cute Emma Heart will do anything you ask her to. You can beat her like a cheap hound, and she'll do even more. But this is not necessary. Emma will respond positively to eunuchs and she'll receive strange shocks from the toilet bowl. So we suggested she try it with two brothers. At first you could see the funk of terror compressing psychic bricks in Emma's skull but then her face relaxed and her eyes blew up like an African toad. The challenge was on. And within a few minutes, Emma felt something come alive in her pipe hole. Her screams were goat-like grunts of pleasure. Her vagina, afterwards, might have smelled like an oven where meat had been scorched, but this was okay with Emma. She had something to talk about when the girls would get together later.

Kirra Lynne

Oh that face. Oh, that body. Oh, that ass. We're all in agreement. Kirra Lynne is a livin' doll, but it's just too bad you're a white man. Because, under her guidelines, Kirra don't even know you're alive. Sure, you could probably torch a banquet hall with one of your exquisitely rendered farts. And that probably got the ugliest cheerleader on the high squad to go out with you. But not Kirra. And you could probably dance- but no dice if your name ain't James Brown. Check that ass out, again. You could be having that right now- Kirra spreading those playful cheeks on your lap. But you ain't a brother. And because of that, we would kill ourselves right now if we were you.

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